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    Andrew Lodge
    We just receive the machine and it is with nice packing ! It's really be worth this price .
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    Mareks Asars
    Machine works well, Alex is the best salesman i ever met,thx for your support.
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    Adrian Short
    The JUKI feeders arrived yesterday and we inspected them through our Goods Receiving process. Our inspector was very excited and called me to see them
Contact Person : Becky Lee
Phone Number : 86-13428704061
WhatsApp : +8613428704061

PANASONIC Al Parts N210107828AA Read Justment Plate (3) PANASERT Spare Parts

Place of Origin JAPAN
Brand Name Panasonic
Certification CE,ISO
Model Number N210107828AA
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Price Negotiation
Packaging Details Standard Packaging
Delivery Time 1-2days
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P
Supply Ability Long-time

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WhatsApp:0086 18588475571

Wechat: 0086 18588475571

skype: sales10@aixton.com

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Product Details
Part Name Plate Condition Original New
Quality Excellent Precision High-precision
Stock With Stocks Part Number N210107828AA
High Light



Read Justment Plate PANASERT Spare Parts


N210107828AA Read Justment Plate

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Product Description

PANASONIC Al Parts N210107828AA ReadjustmentPlate (3) PANASERT spareparts.

PANASONIC Al Parts N210107828AA Read Justment Plate (3) PANASERT Spare Parts 0


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N210143357AA N210143364AA N210143365AA N210145218AA N210145219AA N210145221AA N210145225AA N210145226AA N210145711AA N210145712AA N210145713AA N210145714AA N210145715AA N210145760AA N210145905AA N210146449AA N210146685AA N210147040AA N210147177AA N210147199AA N210147242AA N210147246AA N210147862AA N210148360AB N210148363AA N210148364AA N210148365AA N210148366AA N210148367AA N210148379AB N210148832AA N210148833AA-10 N210148833AA-7.5 N210149031AB N210149186AA N210149277AA N210149857AA N210149858AA N210150042AA N210150063AA N210150064AA N210150065AA N210151128AA N210152243AB N210153998AB N210153999AB N210154460AA N210154469AA N210154470AB N210154471AA N210154643AB N210155000AB N210155359AA N210155523AA N210155603AB N210155707AA N210155708AA N210155710AB N210155711AB N210155712AB N210155814AA N210156061AA N210156178AB N210156391AA N210156400AA N210156459AA N210156460AA N210156567AA N210156574AA N210156592AA N210157145AA N210157146AB N210157196AA N210157197AA N210157198AA N210157232AA N210157565AA N210157713AA N210157714AA N210157798AA N210157799AA N210158613AA N210158956AA N210159205AB N210159745AB N210159747AB N210159748AA N210159749AA N210159750AA N210159751AA N210159895AA N210160264AA N210161188AA N210161479AA N210161652AA N210161653AC N210165173AA N210165181AA N210165236AA N210166103AA N210166316AA N210168388AA N210170011AA N210170238AA N210172273AA N210176760AA N210181124AA N210181558AB N210182452AA N210185610AA N210186363AA N210186367AA N210189401AA N210189402AA N21055709BA N21070238AA N21073566AA N21073567AA N21084456AA N21092163AB N310E32TC200 N310E3SL009 N310E3X-NT11 N310EESP-051 N310EESX670 N310EESX671 N310EESX671A N310EESX672 N310EESX871 N310FTSF-054 N310P914 N310P914A N310P914S1 N310P914SA1 N310P916C N310P919 N310P921 N310P921B N310P921S1 N310P921SA N310P921SA1 N310P937P N322CCP8-385 N348TF7 N401CDQ2-A18 N401CDQS-D76 N401CJPD-C43 N401CY1B-360 N401D-A73 N401DF9NV N406AS12-011 N414MF100 N4210400-048 N431KJH04M5 N431KQL06M5 N431KQZC-183 N431KXH0601S N431LS0425 N431M3ALU4 N431M5H4 N431M5J N434YYYY-003 N4354UHK N437FWM1-032 N437RB0806 N45200469 N45213242 N491CR8 N491VP10185 N50022RF-016 N50022RF-017 N510001936AA N510002467AA N510003227AA N510003302AA N510004606AA N510014015AA N510015338AA N510016065AA N510017244AA N510017613AA N510018104AA N510018123AA N510018279 N510018361AA N510020582AA N510020617AA N510020629AA N510020647AA N510021316AA N510022040AA N510022566AA N510023074AA N510024741AA N510024845AA N510030621AA N510034942AA N510035005AA N510036372AA N510037899AA N510038144AA N510038147AA N510038166AA N510038167AA N510040570AA N510041171AA N510041172AA N510041682AA N510044533AA N510055978AA N5132RSR-254 N5132RSR-255 N5132RSR-697 N5132RSR-A63 N51351WA4 N513LRXD-984 N513RSH9-659 N513RSH9-695 N513RSR-583 N513RSR7-263 N52054B1-055 N52080B1810 N52080F0805 N520LFZB66 N520MB03040U N520SPB1-067 N521PHS8 N531CF3A N531CFN5RA N531NART-016 N531NART-060 N5320FS6V N532NART-017 N533LBMF-025 N533N0S4TL N534P0S8R N534POS12 N534POS8L N540MB0403 N540MB0610PU N540MB08120 N540MB1020DU N540MB1220DU N5541AG60N N554C00516AA N554C00545A N554C03835A N555MYA10 N555MYA12 N555MYA14 N555MYA5 N555MYA6 N610016680AA N610016682AA N610026103AA N610052034AA N610052036AA N610071334AA N610082092AA N610082093AA N610082094AA N610113363AA N610115312AA N610123572 N610134299AA N610135836AA N610136060AA N61013817AA N610143498AC N6411953GT6 N6412253GT6 N641250S-430 N6413003GT6 N6413153GT6 N6413243GT6 N6414005GT15 N6414205GT20 N6414405GT30 N6414505M30 N6415005GT20 N6415005GT25 N6415505M25 N641550GT25 N6418705GT15 N641A1915 N641A1943 N641A2305 N641A2715 N641F08W1545 N641F2313 N641F2843 N644ACRM-027 N644N1319 N648413VZZ N648C912019 N648MB019000 N648MB022000 N648MB023000 N648MB025000 N648MB035000 N648VFL7055 N9353Y50 N980A1741 N980B11001 N982THA3878 N982TM5737 N9841K3020 N984BSTB N9865167 N986A205-075 N986A408175 N986BN48-T31 N986CLBP839 N986DC575 N986FSM30 N986K992-L94 N986MK3Y-006 N986MMS410 N986MMS411 N986MS1015 N986MS515 N986MSB525 N986NKPM5B N986RFN630 N986YYYY-161 N986YYYY-430 N990PANA-027 NTZ63180 PCI-180 PCI-187 PCI-363 PM-R24 PT4696429 R168ZZ TB140-01-01 TB140-01-06 TB140-01-08 TB140-01-09 TB140-02-01 TB140-02-03 TB140-02-04 TB140-02-05 UCSM-1496 UCSM-1973 UCSM-3110 UCSM-3116 UCSM-3117 UCSM-3118 UCSM-3119 UCSM-3257 UCSM-3258 UCSM-3455 UCSM-3462 UCSM-3469 UCSM-3509 UCSM-3510 UCSM-3756J UCSM-3756T UCSM-3768 UCSM-3769 UCSM-3805 UCSM-951 UCSM-955 UCSM-969 VCD-0225-108 VCD-1007 VCD-109 VCD-117 VCD-118 VCD-119 VCD-120 VCD-1496 VCD-1497 VCD-1498 VCD-1499 VCD-1639 VCD-1642 VCD-1643 VCD-1662 VCD-1663 VCD-1666 VCD-1786A VCD-1873 VCD-1877 VCD-1882 VCD-1886 VCD-1891 VCD-1892 VCD-205 VCD-2058 VCD-2059 VCD-2059A VCD-2060 VCD-2060L VCD-2062 VCD-2063 VCD-2065 VCD-2066 VCD-2066L VCD-2068 VCD-2069 VCD-2071 VCD-2075 VCD-2077 VCD-2080 VCD-2208 VCD-2327 VCD-2328 VCD-2569 VCD-2570 VCD-2719 VCD-3010 VCD-3011 VCD-3018 VCD-3032 VCD-3106 VCD-3177 VCD-3178 VCD-3194 VCD-3245 VCD-3246 VCD-3289 VCD-3292 VCD-3625 VCD-3798 VCD-3891 VCD-3892 VCD-4118 VCD-4275 VCD-4354 VCD-4920 VCD-5035 VCD-5036 VCD-5081 VCD-5194 VCD-5195 VCD-6337-2 VCD-6377 VCD-689 VCDJ-6307 VCDJ-6308 X001-109-1 X002-037-1 X002-037-2 X002-043 X002-043-2.5 X002-043-2.8 X002-043-3.0 X002-043-3.1 X002-043-3.2 X002-043-3.3 X002-043-3.4 X002-043-3.5 X002-043-3.6 X002-043-3.7 X002-043-3.8 X002-043-3.9 X002-043-4.0 X002-043-4.1 X002-043-4.2 X002-043-4.3 X002-043-4.5 X002-043-5.0 X002-207 X003-075 X003-083 X003-083-1 X003-127 X003-161 X003-161-2 X003-162 X003-167 X003-168 X003-169 X003-170 X003-173 X003-178 X003-191 X003-194 X003-351 X003-543 X003-556-1 X003-556-2 X004-005 X004-007 X004-055 X004-059 X004-060 X004-061 X004-062 X004-064 X004-065 X004-067 X004-068 X004-069 X004-070 X004-074 X004-075 X004-077 X004-080 X004-081 X004-103-1 X004-105-1 X004-105-3 X004-105-4 X004-112 X004-113 X004-120 X004-127 X004-128 X004-131-1 X004-131-2 X004-134 X004-135 X004-136 X004-137 X004-142 X004-147 X004-157 X004-213-3 X004-213-4 X004-214 X004-231 X004-248 X004-266 X004-272 X004-279 X004-284 X004-286 X004-322 X004-351 X004-352-1 X004-352-2 X004-353 X004-371-2 X004-372 X004-373 X004-386 X004-387 X004-388 X005-003 X005-012 X005-015 X00504145 X005-063 X005-084 X005-085 X005-152 X005-155 X005-157 X005-209 X005-328 X005-329 X006-006-1 X006-014-1 X006-029 X006-114 X006-145 X006-221-1 X00B04006 X00B04007 X00B04008 X00B04105A X00B04106 X00B04107 X00B05337A X00B05404 X00B05416 X00F02004 X00G03149 X00G03312 X00G03503 X00G04015 X00G04016 X00G04017K X00G04018K X00G04131 X00G04137 X00G04138 X00G04145 X00G30145 X00G30146 X00G30147 X00G30148 X00G30156 X00H-0523 X00H06110 X00H06220 X00H6220 X00H-6523 X00K02202 X00K02203 X00K02204 X00K02205 X00K03332 X00K03342 X00K03517 X00K03518 X00K04011A X00K04018A X00K04048 X00K04055 X00K04056 X00K04063 X00K04064 X00K04065 X00K040703 X00K04115 X00K04117 X00K04123 X00K04158 X00K04172 X00K04173 X00K04219 X00K04328 X00K-04403 X00K04407 X00K04408 X00K-04409 X00K-04410 X00K04411 X00K04412 X00K04413 X00K04414 X00K04415 X00K04433 X00K04434 X00K04441 X00K04444 X00K04447A X00K04448 X00K-04450 X00K04451 X00K04452 X00K04453 X00K-04454 X00K04464 X00K04465 X00K-04466 X00K04467 X00K04613 X00K04614A X00K-04703 X00K04704 X00K-04704 X00K04705 X00K04741 X00K05041 X00K05143 X00K05168 X00K05262 X00K06103 X00K06153 X00K06220 X00K06223 X00K-06613 X00K4467 X00K84201 X017-515 X019-006 X019-007 X019-009 X019-041 X019-042 X01A02012 X01A02042 X01A08001 X01A08006 X01A08007 X01A11046 X01A11047 X01A13001 X01A13008 X01A13011 X01A13014 X01A13016 X01A13033 X01A13034 X01A13035 X01A13036 X01A13037 X01A13038 X01A13054 X01A14020 X01A14021 X01A14023 X01A14029 X01A14049 X01A14050 X01A14051 X01A14053 X01A21511 X01A21514 X01A21515 X01A21516 X01A35004A X01A35005 X01A35006 X01A35008 X01A35012 X01A3700101 X01A37006 X01A37008 X01A3702001 X01A3707402 X01A38012 X01A3803201 X01A3803301 X01A3803402 X01A38037 X01A3803802 X01A38040 X01A38043 X01A38049 X01A38051 X01A38076 X01A38090 X01A38092 X01A38101 X01A38103 X01A38114 X01A38115 X01A38117 X01A3811901 X01A38120 X01A38122 X01A38123 X01A38124 X01A38126 X01A4120101 X01A41203 X01A4120401 X01A41261 X01A41262 X01A4130302 X01A41307 X01A41309 X01A41313 X01A41315 X01A41317 X01A41318 X01A41319 X01A41321 X01A41322 X01A41324 X01A4132702 X01A4132802 X01A4132901 X01A4133001 X01A41331 X01A41332 X01A41337 X01A41338 X01A41340 X01A41342 X01A41343 X01A42001 X01A42002 X01A42003 X01A42005 X01A42007 X01A42012 X01A42016 X01A42022 X01A42027 X01A42028 X01A42039 X01A4204101 X01A4204201 X01A42044 X01A4204501 X01A42064 X01A42065 X01A43003 X01A43004 X01A43006 X01A43007 X01A43009 X01A43011 X01A43014 X01A43015 X01A44011401 X01A44021 X01A44023 X01A44024 X01A4402601 X01A44042 X01A44047 X01A44050 X01A44101 X01A44107 X01A44112 X01A44113 X01A44115 X01A44122 X01A44124 X01A44135 X01A45005 X01A45006 X01A45037 X01A45043 X01A45069 X01A45071 X01A45081 X01A45089 X01A45090 X01A45104 X01A45105 X01A45113 X01A46004 X01A4600601 X01A46007 X01A46008 X01A46014 X01A46024 X01A4602501 X01A46029 X01A46032 X01A51002 X01A51003 X01A5100903 X01A5101003 X01A5101103 X01A5101502 X01A51051 X01A51052 X01A51053 X01A51054 X01A51055 X01A52060 X01A5250401 X01A5255505 X01A5257102 X01A5257302 X01A53024 X01A54055 X01A55251 X01A55253 X01A55254 X01A5525501 X01A61068 X01A61069 X01A61070 X01A62001 X01A62002 X01A62012 X01A63103 X01A84902 X01A84911 X01E02004 X01E04107 X01E04603 X01E04701 X01F06501 X01L01101 X01L11008 X01L1101301 X01L1101601 X01L11022 X01L11026 X01L11037 X01L11050 X01L11051 X01L12010 X01L12014 X01L12045 X01L12045-2 X01L12046 X01L12047 X01L12048 X01L12049 X01L1205801 X01L1205901 X01L1206001 X01L1300201 X01L1301202 X01L1301302 X01L21011 X01L2103802 X01L21047 X01L21502 X01L21806 X01L21807 X01L21819 X01L2200102 X01L22002 X01L2200301 X01L22004 X01L2806 X01L2807 X01L41303 X01L42001 X01L42002 X01L42004 X01L42006 X01L42012 X01L42014 X01L44008 X01L44016 X01L44103 X01L45001 X01L45006 X01L51002 X01L51003 X01L51007A X01L51007B X01L5100802 X01L51009 X01L51010 X01L51011 X01L51015 X01L51016 X01L51017 X01L51101 X01L51102 X01L5201101 X01L52012 X01L52013 X01L5201402 X01L52027 X01L52029 X01L52041 X01L52049 X01L53017 X01L53018 X01L53030 X01L53038 X01L53046 X01L53054 X01L53065 X01L54015 X01L54016 X01L54017 X01L54104 X01L61016 X01L61017 X01L61022 X01L61023 X01L61024 X01L81818 X01L84908 X01S21060 X02G02102 X02G02112 X02G02115 X02G02116 X02G02118 X02G02119 X02G02120 X02G02135 X02G04009 X02G11102 X02G11105 X02G11120 X02G12103 X02G13101 X02G13105 X02G13111 X02G14016 X02G14104 X02G14122 X02G21027 X02G21207 X02G21208 X02G21209 X02G21210 X02G21211 X02G21601 X02G21602 X02G21903 X02G35101 X02G41002 X02G41003 X02G41101 X02G41102 X02G41103 X02G41104 X02G41107 X02G41108 X02G41109 X02G41110 X02G41111 X02G42001 X02G42002 X02G4200301 X02G42004 X02G42005 X02G42006 X02G42010 X02G42011 X02G42014 X02G42102 X02G42105 X02G42207 X02G43001 X02G44103 X02G44105 X02G44108 X02G44111 X02G45106 X02G45109 X02G45110 X02G45111 X02G45116 X02G45121 X02G45122 X02G45123 X02G45133 X02G45134 X02G46001 X02G46101 X02G46102 X02G51101 X02G51102 X02G51103 X02G51111 X02G51112 X02G51201 X02G51203 X02G52102 X02G52103 X02G52105 X02G52112 X02G52201 X02G53103 X02G53104 X02G53105 X02G53112 X02G53116 X02G62109 X02G62110 X02G63109 X02G63110 X02G78509 X02GD2M9 X02P04206 X02P04208 X02P0503801 X02P12007 X02P1201501 X02P12016 X02P1201801 X02P1201901 X02P1202801 X02P1203001 X02P1203202 X02P1203801 X02P12056 X02P12057 X02P12072 X02P12508 X02P18006 X02P18007 X02P19002 X02P19003 X02P19006 X02P19007 X02P19010 X02P19030 X02P21001 X02P21003 X02P21004 X02P2101501 X02P29002 X02P29003 X02P29009 X02P29010 X02P30003 X02P30006 X02P3000701 X02P30015 X02P3100902 X02P31038 X02P31058 X02P310610 X02P31068 X02P31078 X02P32001 X02P32002 X02P32003 X02P32004 X02P32005 X02P32006 X02P32013 X02P3302201 X02P33039 X02P45002 X02P51500 X02P51506 X02P55008 X02P61001 X02P61002 X02P61003 X02P61021 X02P65002 X02P65003 X02P9637601 X02P96399 X02P96421 X02P96428 X02P96429 X02P96435L-5.0 X02P96435R-5.0 X02P96436L-7.5 X02P96436R-7.5 X036-000 X036-013 X036-017 X036-023 X036-026 X036-028 X036-030 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Our Services

Professional service
PY will offer you the most favorable new and second-hand SMT machines and accessories to provide comprehensive and first-class after-sales service.


Repair services
Professional technicians protect the quality of products.
Quality guaranteed period is offered after repair service.


Top quality
PY will repay the trust of new and old customers with the most superior quality products, the most cost-effective price and the most complete technical support.



1. Carton box/ wooden case/ package according to the customer' s required.

2. The packaging is very safe and strong, We guarantee that the product will be delivered to you in good condition.



1. We will send the products to your designated place by FedEx/ UPS/ DHL/ EMS in time.

2. If you need to use it urgently, we can also arrange air and sea transportation for you to ensure the safe and timely delivery of the goods to your hands.


if you have any special needs Please notify us right now!



Q:How long is your delivery time?

A: We`ve cooperation with Fedex, TNT and DHL. It is shipped directly from Shenzhen. The time is fast. If it is in stock, it is usually 3 days. If there is no stock, it is calculated by quantity.


Q: How about our spare parts quality?

A: We`ve been doing exportation to Europe and USA for years , quality is the premier factor we concern.


Q.Why choose PY?
A: High quality products with reasonable price, quick shipping.
B: Good technical training and technical support
C: Professional international business communication and support
D: Professional options for international transport
E: Reliablebrands supplier.