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2mil prototype printed circuit board Whtie Inner Via Hole PCB Mother Board

Place of Origin ShenZhen
Brand Name PY
Certification ISO9001
Model Number PCBA
Minimum Order Quantity 1PCS
Price 0.1-1USD
Packaging Details High quality carton packing, high quality vacuum packing,
Delivery Time 5-10 work days
Payment Terms T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability Ten thousand square meters per month

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Product Details
Color White Number Of Plies 1 Layer
Copper Thickness 2oz Base Material 94V0,HDI
Board Thickness 1.2mm Place Of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)
High Light

2mil prototype printed circuit board


2mil PCB Mother Board


2oz prototype printed circuit board

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Product Description

2mil prototype printed circuit board Whtie Inner Via Hole PCB Mother Board




1 High precision prototype PCB bulk production


1-28 layers 1 layers
3 3mil 2mil
4 0.15mm 1.2mm
5 Aspect Ration≤13:1 Aspect Ration≤13:1
6 2 layers:0.2mm;4 layers:0.35mm;6 layers:0.55mm;8 layers:0.7mm;10 layers:0.9mm 1 layers
7 Immersion Gold:Au,1—8u”
Gold finger:Au,1—150u”
Gold Plated:Au,1—150u”
Nickel Plated :50—500u”
Nickel Plated :50—500u”
8 Board thickness≤1.0mm:+/-0.1mm
1.0mm<Board thickness≤2.0mm:+/-10%
Board thickness>2.0mm:+/-8%
Board thickness≤1.0mm:+/-0.1mm
9 ≤100mm:+/-0.1mm
100< ≤300mm:+/-0.15mm
10 ±10% 10%



The design of printed circuit board is based on the circuit principle diagram to

achieve the function of the circuit designer.The design of printed circuit board

mainly refers to layout design, which needs to consider various factors such as the

layout of external connection, the optimal layout of internal electronic components,

the optimal layout of metal connection and through hole, electromagnetic protection,

heat dissipation and so on.Excellent layout design can save production cost and

achieve good circuit performance and heat dissipation.Simple layout design can be

achieved by hand, while complex layout design needs the help of computer aided design

1. Ground wire design
Grounding is an important method to control interference on circuit board, circuit

board and PCB in electronic equipment.Most interference problems can be solved if

grounding and shielding are properly combined.The ground wire structure in electronic

equipment generally has the system ground, the machine shell ground (shield ground),

the digital ground (logic ground) and the simulation ground.The following points

should be paid attention to in the ground wire design:
(1) the correct choice of single point grounding and multi-point grounding.
In the low-frequency circuit, the working frequency of the signal is less than 1MHz,

so the inductance between the wiring and the device has little influence, while the

loop current formed by the grounding circuit has great influence on the interference,

so the one-point grounding should be adopted.When the signal operating frequency is

greater than 10MHz, the ground impedance becomes very large. At this time, the ground

impedance should be reduced as far as possible and the nearest multi-point grounding

should be adopted.When the operating frequency is between 1 and 10MHz, if a single

grounding is used, the length of the ground wire should not exceed 1/20 of the

wavelength, otherwise, the multi-point grounding method should be adopted.
(2) Separate the digital circuit from the simulation circuit
There are both high-speed logic circuits and linear circuits on the circuit board.

They should be separated as far as possible, and the ground wires of the two should

not be mixed. They are connected to the ground wires of the power supply end

respectively.Try to increase the grounding area of the linear circuit.
(3) try to thicken the grounding wire
If the grounding wire is very thin, the grounding potential will change with the

change of the current, which will cause the timing signal level of the electronic

equipment to be unstable and the anti-noise performance to be poor.Therefore, the

grounding wire should be thickened as far as possible so that it can pass three times

the allowable current of the printed circuit board.If possible, the width of the

ground wire should be greater than 3mm.
(4) the ground wire will form a dead cycle
When designing the ground wire system of printed circuit board which consists of

digital circuit only, making the ground wire into a dead loop can obviously improve

the anti-noise ability.The reason is that there are many integrated circuit components

on printed circuit board, especially in case of more components, power consumption due

to restricted by ground wire thick thin, can produce large potential difference on the

knot, cause anti-noise ability to drop, if the grounding structure into the loop,

would be to reduce the potential difference value, improve the ability to resist noise

electronic equipment.
2. High-speed multi-layer
As electronic products tend to be multifunctional and complex, the contact distance of

integrated circuit components is reduced, the speed of signal transmission is

improved, followed by the increase in the number of wiring, the length of wiring

between points of the local shortening, these need to apply high density line

configuration and microhole technology to achieve the goal.Wording and bonding are

basically difficult to achieve for single and double panels, so the Circuit boards

tend to be multi-layered. Moreover, due to the continuous increase of signal lines,

more power supply layers and bonding layers become the necessary means of design. All

these make Multilayer Printed Circuit boards more common.
For the electrical requirements of high-speed signals, the board must provide

impedance control with alternating current characteristics, high frequency

transmission capability, and unnecessary radiation (EMI) reduction.With the Stripline,

MicroStrip architecture, multiple layers become a necessary design.In order to reduce

the quality problem of signal transmission, insulation materials with low dielectric

coefficient and low attenuation rate will be used. In order to match the

miniaturization and array of electronic components, the density of circuit boards will

be continuously increased to meet the demand.The appearance of BGA (BallGrid Array),

CSP (Chip Scale Package), DCA (Direct Chipattachment) and other parts assembly modes

further pushes the printed circuit board to the unprecedented high-density state.
Any hole with diameter less than 150um is called Microvia in the industry. The circuit

made by using this kind of microhole geometry structure technology can improve the

efficiency of assembly, space utilization and so on, and it is also necessary for the

miniaturization of electronic products.
For this type of structure of the circuit board products, the industry has a number of

different names to call such a circuit board.For example, European and American

companies used to call these products SBU (Sequence Build Upprocess), which is

generally translated as "Sequence Build Upprocess", because the programs they produced

were constructed in a sequential way.As for the Japanese, the manufacturing technology

of these products is called MVP (Micro Via Process), which is generally translated as

"Micro Via Process", because the pore structure produced by these products is much

smaller than that of the previous ones.Some people also call the traditional multi-

layer Board MLB (Multilayer Board), so they call this type of circuit Board BUM (Build

Up Multilayer Board), which generally translates as "multi-layer Board".


2mil prototype printed circuit board Whtie Inner Via Hole PCB Mother Board 0

2mil prototype printed circuit board Whtie Inner Via Hole PCB Mother Board 1


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Pingyou Industrial offers the "World′s Quickest" service through our unique and dynamic capabilities. We control the entire process - Idea thru. Finish Product - and have the systems in place to seamlessly process from one step to another. This allows unparalleled cycle time reduction. Pingyou Industrial also eliminates the blame game, as we can handle it all.

2mil prototype printed circuit board Whtie Inner Via Hole PCB Mother Board 2


PCB packaging

1. The PCB circuit board needs to be vacuum packed with colorless gas bead plastic bags, and the bags should be attached with necessary desiccant and ensure that the bags are tightly packed.Can not contact with wet air, avoid PCB circuit board surface spray tin, gold deposition and welding pad parts are oxidized and affect the welding, is not conducive to production.
2. When packing the PCB circuit board, it is necessary to surround the box with a layer of bubble film. Because the bubble film has good water absorption, it can absorb water and moistureproof.In addition, moisture-proof beads can be placed in the case.
3, put the PCB circuit board classification, label.After sealing, the box must be kept away from the wall and the floor.Store in a dry, ventilated place and avoid direct sunlight.
4, the warehouse temperature of PCB circuit board storage is best controlled at 23±3℃, 55±10%RH, under such conditions, gold, gold, tin spraying, silver plating PCB circuit board surface treatment can generally be stored for 6 months, silver, tin, OSP surface treatment PCB circuit board can be stored for 3 months.
5, for a long time do not use the PCB circuit board, it is best to brush a layer of three anti paint, three anti paint can be moisture-proof, dustproof, anti oxidation.In this way, the storage life of PCB circuit board will be increased to 9 months.
About the PCB board several kinds of packaging, introduced to this.In fact, the storage time of PCB circuit board is related to the surface treatment. Gold plating and electric gold plating are the longest storage time. Under the conditions of constant temperature and humidity, they can be stored for two or three years.Do a good job of PCB circuit board storage can better extend the service life of the circuit board, is a problem can not be ignored.

2mil prototype printed circuit board Whtie Inner Via Hole PCB Mother Board 3