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MSF AC Servo Driver DV47N020MSGD P326L-020MSGD Steel Material Original New Condition

Place of Origin Japan
Brand Name Panasonic
Certification Original new
Model Number P326L-020MSGD
Minimum Order Quantity 1pcs
Price Negotiation
Packaging Details Box
Delivery Time 1day
Supply Ability long-term supply

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Product Details
Parts Number P326L-020MSGD Model Type P326M-040MSGF
Brand Panasonic Parts Name Smt Servo Driver
Machine Model Smt Placement Equipment Material Steel
High Light

panasonic motor driver


ac servo drive

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Product Description

Panasonic MSF AC Servo Driver DV47N020MSGD P326L-020MSGD Panasonic MSF AC Servo Driver

Panasonic Driver DV47N020MSGD P326L-020MSGD

CACR-SR05BC1ES-Y278 SAA-1170 Yaskawa Fuji CP-4 Y Axis Servo Amp

CACR-SR10BC1ESY262 SAA-1160 Fuji CP-4 X Axis Servo Pack Amplifier

CACR-SR03BC1KS-Y264 SAA-1110 Yaskawa Electric ServoPack Amplifier

CACR-SR30BC1AFY244 SAA-1100 Yaskawa Electric ServoPack

CACR-SR01AC1ERY102 SAA-1180 Yaskawa Electric ServoPack Amplifier

CACR-HR03BAB12Y50 SAA-1270 Yaskawa Electric Servo Pack Amplifier

CACR-SR15BC1KSY396 SAA-1360 Yaskawa Electric ServoPack Amplifier

MFG Part Number OEMPartNumber Description

DV47N020MSGD P326L-020MSGD Panasonic MSF AC Servo Driver

DV87A150MDG P327-150MDG Panasonic MSF AC Servo Driver

DV87A100MDG P327-100MDG Panasonic AC Servo Driver

P337E-V22-B NIP337EV22B Panasonic Pulse Motor Driver

DV47L040MSGH P326M-040MSGH Panasonic AC Servo Driver

DV47L010MSGF DV47L010MSGF Panasonic AC Servo Driver

DV47N100MDGC P326L-100MDGC Panasonic AC Servo Motor Driver

DV47N150MDGD P326L-150MDGD Panasonic AC Servo Driver

938C-00 PANADAC-938C-00 Panasonic DC Motor Drive Controller

DV47L010MSGH P326M-010MSGH Panasonic AC Servo Driver

SGDM-60ADAY700 SGDM-60ADAY700 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

SGDM-20ADA-RY1 SGDM-20ADA-RY1 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

MR-J2S-20A1 MR-J2S-20A1 Mitsubishi Servo Amplifier

5121CE 5121CE Copley Controls Corp Brushless Servo Amp

800-558A 800-558A Copley Controls Corp Brushless Servo Amp

MSDA013A1A MSDA013A1A Panasonic AC Servo Driver

MSDA043A1A MSDA043A1A Panasonic AC Servo Driver

MSDA153A1A MSDA153A1A Panasonic AC Servo Driver Amplifier

XL50 XL50 Parker Hannifin Stepper Drive

CP48660208 48660208 Parker Compumotor Servo Amplifier

Panadac-337E-V21-E Panadac-337E-V21-E Panadac 337E Motor Driver

DV47L250LE4B DV47L250LE4B Panasonic Panadac 326M Motor Driver

DV47L500MS2A DV47L500MS2A Panasonic Panadac 326M Motor Driver

Panadac 337N-01 Panadac337N Panasonic Pulse Motor Driver

DV47M02AVXAA Panadac356 Panasonic Motor Driver

N1P326F40MGA 326F-040MSG-A Panasonic Servo Motor Driver

N1P326F20MGA 326F-020MSG-A Panasonic Servo Motor Driver

CIMR-JU2A0004BAA CIMR-JU2A0004BAA Yaskawa Servo Driver

CP48660206 48660206 Parker Compumotor Servo Amplifier

03002143-01 03002143-01 Siemens Servo Amplifier

TDS 120-1D 00321734-02 Siemens Z Axis Servo Amplifier

SCA-SS-70-10 00348194-02 Siemens Motor Controller Board

SCA-B4-70-10 00352858-01 Siemens Motor Controller

TBS120 00321736-05 Siemens Servo Amplifier Board

TDS 120A.25Z 00334641-01 Siemens Servo Amplifier Board

TDS120-12 00337626-03 Siemens Servo Amplifier Board

FSDS60 03002142-02 Siemens Servo Amplifier

TDS 120-25Y 00321733-04 Siemens Servo Amplifier

PCS-SDS 03002141-02 Siemens Servo Amplifier

PC-TBS 00353444-01 Siemens Servo Amplifier TBS250

TDS 120A2Z 00334646-02 Siemens Servo Amplifier

TDS 120-12 00321732-02 Siemens Servo Amplifier TDS120

PC-SDS 00353447-03 Siemens Servo Amplifier SDS60

PC-SDS 00353446-04 Siemens Servo Amplifier SDS60

03-LPU-RLP-TBS-7386 00353443-02 Siemens TBS250 Servo Amplifier

CACR-PR30BC3CSY166C CACR-PR30BC3CSY166C Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

DR2-08ACY74 DR2-08ACY74 Yaskawa AC Servo Amplfiier

DR2-04AC DR2-04AC Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

MSDC153A4A06 MSDC153A4A06 Panasonic AC Servo Amplifier

MSDC045A1A06 MSDC045A1A06 Panasonic AC Servo Amplifier

DV47J22LB5C P325C-22LB5-C Panasonic Servo Motor Driver

DR2-08AC DR2-08AC Yaskawa AC Servo Amplifier

DR2-02AC DR2-02AC Yaskawa AC Servo Amplifier

ADV-2MA20S2 ADV-2MA20S2 Panasonic MPA U-Axis Servo Amplifier

SGDE-02VP SGDE-02VP Yaskawa AC Servo Amp

AK-BX501 AK-BX501 Stepping Motor Driver

DR2-01ACY113 DR2-01ACY113 Sanyo TIM-5100 Theta Servo Amp

DR2-08ACY103 DR2-08ACY103 Sanyo TIM-5100 X Axis Servo Amp

MR-C40A-UE MR-C40A-UE Mitsubishi AC Servo Drive

DR2-02ACY113 DR2-02ACY113 Sanyo TIM-5100 Z Axis Servo Amp

SGDB-20VD-RY103 SGDB-20VD-RY103 Sanyo TIM-5100 Y Axis Servo Amp

CP-OEM670X-10871 CP-OEM670X-10871 Parker Compumotor Servo Driver

D47F075LB2A P321C-1-8 Panasonic AC Servo Driver

D47J040LFGG P325C-040LFG-G Panasonic AC Servo Driver

ADV-1MC06S2 ADV-1MC06S2 Panadac 7000 Servo Driver

ADV-4MA24S2 N275ADV-124 Panadac 7000 Servo Driver

P326F-010MSGA N1P326F10MGA Panasonic Servo Motor Driver

DV47J040LFGM P325C-040LFG-M Panasonic AC Servo Driver

DV46DP100V P325B-100V Panasonic AC Servo Driver

MSD5A1P1EC03 30440S0008 Panasonic AC Servo Driver

97091500186 ZETA6104 Parker Compumotor 6104 Indexer Drive

BA30-320-S BA30-320-S Aerotech Motion Controller

DV46J003LF2-C P325C-003LF2-C Panasonic DC Servo Motor Driver

DV47J075LFG P325C-075LFG Panasonic AC Servo Driver

DV46J030LA2 P325C-030LA2 Panasonic Motor Driver

SGDM-A5ADA-RY707 EEAN-2830 Yaskawa Fuji CP-8 Servo Amplifier

CIMR-JU2A0002BAA CIMR-JU2A0002BAA Yaskawa AC Motor Driver

48660108 48660108 Universal Instruments PTF Servo Amplifier

00314165-01 TRS 1202-2Z Siemens S15 Servo Amplifier

TRS120-2S 00314164-01 Siemens S15 Servo Amplifier Board

00302847-01 00302847-01 Siemens S15 X Axis Servo Amplifier

PDT-J02-411 PDT-J02-411 Sanyo Denki Servo Driver

NPSA-2.5 N-50-F1 NPSA-2.5 N-50-F1 Actus Power Servo Amplifier

CACR-SR15BC1KSY261 SAA-1070 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

BL-D75D BL-D75D Okuma Z Axis Servo Driver

BL-D15D BL-D15D Okuma X-Y Axis Servo Driver

SGDA-03BP SGDA-03BP Yaskawa Servopack

S3002M000007 44520001 Universal Instruments GSM Servo Driver

800-98 800-98 Copley Controls Brushless Servo Driver

41391701 41391701 Universal Instruments Pc Cd,Servo Amp 4 Assembly

CA090-00602B CA090-00602B Parker Compumotor Servo Amplifier

VFD002L21A VFD002L21A Delta AC Motor Drive Controller

VFD004M21A VFD004M21A Delta Sensorless Vector Micro AC Drive

R88D-WT04H R88D-WT04H Omron AC Servo Driver

R88D-WT01H R88D-WT01H Omron AC Servo Driver

R88D-WT02H R88D-WT02H Omron AC Servo Driver

P326M-100MSG DV47L100MSG Panasonic Motor Driver

DV47L040MSGF P326M-040MSGF Panasonic Panadac 326M Motor Driver

DV47L020MQGF P326M-020MQGF Panasonic Panadac 326M Motor Driver

DV47L075MSG P326M-075MSGA Panasonic Panadac 326M Motor Driver

MSD011P1EC03 30459S0005 Panasonic AC Servo Driver

MSDC5A5A3A06 MSDC5A5A3A06 Panasonic Servo Amplifier

CP-OEM070-10025 46552202 Parker Compumotor OEM070 Servo Amplifier

CP-OEM670XM2-10242 46552303 Parker Compumotor Servo Amplifier

CACR-SR15BC1KSY408 EEAN-1671 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

216-00-11002 N7200-00002 Jurong Hi-Tech Servo Module

PT100-3L 421416 Heller Thermostat

1399047-1 CE06250-2G308B1 Kollmorgen Servostar CD Servo Driver

SGDH-01AE SGDH-01AE Yaskawa Servo Pack

RBB2CT402 RBB2CT402 Robustsyn Servo Driver

SGDM-20ADA-RY3 EEAN-2520 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

SGDM-04ADA-RY3 SGDM-04ADA-RY3 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

SGDM-02AD-RY1 SGDM-02AD-RY1 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

SGDM-01AD-RY1 EEAN-2010 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

SGDM-04AD-RY1 EEAN-2020 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

SGDM-20AD-RY1 SGDM-20AD-RY1 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

SGDB-60VDY189 EEAN-2041 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

AR-04AE AR-04AEE Parker Hann Servo Amplifier

PSS-30-400R PSS-30-400R Elmo Motor Driver

EBAF-16-400RHM EBAF-16-400RHM Elmo Motor Driver

L50 L50 Parker Stepper Drive

SGDH-60AE-N2Y49 EEAN-2320 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

5630-038 5630-038 Pacific Scientific Stepper Motor Driver

DV46J020LFGC P325C-020LFG-C Panasonic Motor Driver

DV47J500MS2D P325C-500MS2-D Panasonic MV2F Motor Driver

DV46JP100V P325C-P100V Panasonic Driver Power Unit

DV47J11LEDD P325C-11LED-D Panasonic Motor Driver

DV47J075LFGE DV47J075LFGE Panasonic AC Servo Driver

JUSP-NS200-FK EENN-1530 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

PA0800 PA0800 Kollmorgen Servo Amplifier

SE10200-1H348H SE10200-1H348H Kollmorgen Servo Amplifier

CACR-HR03BAB12Y60 EEAN-1650 Yaskawa AC Servo Amplifier

DR2-08ACY9 EEAN-1570 Yaskawa AC Servo Amplifier

OEM670XM2-10025 46552302 Parker Compumotor Servo Driver

SGDM-60ADA-Y1 EEAN-2190 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

SGDM-20ADY1 EEAN-1950 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

SGDM-08ADY1 EEAN-1980 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

SGDM-01ADAY124 EEAN-2460 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

SGDM-04ADY1 EEAN-2060 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

CIMR-XCCA20P1 CIMR-XCCA20P1 Yaskawa Mini Servo Amplifier

3-1567135-5 60-26710 Quad QSV X Axis Servo Amplifier

3-1567135-4 60-26709 Quad QSV Y Axis Servo Amplifier

3-1567135-3 60-26708 Quad QSV Servo Amp

DR-1070E-115-D0 SR1070E62 MPM UP3000 Servo Amplifier

MP-FLX-230 01P4044-Q822-1 Max Plus FLX 230 Digital Servo Driver

CP-48660106 48660106 Parker Compumotor Servo Amplifier

PDT-J02-412 SAA-3050 Sanyo Denki Servo Amp

CACR-SR10BC1KSY262 SAA-1080 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

MSDA5A1A1A MSDA5A1A1A Panasonic AC Servo Driver

SGDH-A3BE SGDH-A3BE Yaskawa Servo Pack

SGDA-02BS SGDA-02BS Yaskawa Servo Pack

SGDA-08AS SGDA-08AS Yaskawa Servo Pack

SGDB-10ADG SGDB-10ADG Yaskawa Servo Pack

47064801 47064801 Universal GSMX Servo Amp

630 053 1664 6300531664 Unit Driver

00321735-02 00321735S02 Siemens Servo Amplifier

BDC-25L BDC-25L Electro Craft Brushless Amplifier

PDT-K02-0200 PDT-K02-0200 Servo Amplifier

CIMR-XCCA20P4 CIMR-XCCA20P4 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

TRS 120-20YL 00302846-01 Siemens Servo Amp

R88D-UP04HA R88D-UP04HA Omron AC Servo Driver

DR2-A3AC-NY41 EEAN-1840 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

44866203 47261403 Universal PCB Theta Power Amp Assembly

SC904-021-01 45983001 Universal Instruments Y Axis Servo Amplifier

SC903-020-01 45982901 Universal GSM Servo Amplifier - Brushless

JUSP-A1A2CN2-FK EENN-1520 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

DR2-01AC-NY41 EEAN-1760 Yaskawa Electric ServoPack, 200V

PDT-A02-15 PDT-A02-15 Sanyo Denki Servo Amplifier

DR2-04AC-NY41 EEAN-1740 Yaskawa Electric Servo Amplifier

NPSA-103MU-E4BSF NPSA-103MU-E4BSF Nikki Denso Actus Power Servo Amplifier

CACR-SR44FK1CSY1 EEAN-1510 Fuji CP 6 D Axis Yawskawa Servo Amp

CACR-SR44BC1BFY279 SAA-1150 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

SGDB-01ADR SGDB-01ADR Yaskawa Servo Amplifier (FQ/FRQ axis for CP643E and CP643ME)

SGDB-02ADR SGDB-02ADR Yaskawa Servo Amplifier (NC axis for CP643E and CP643ME)

SGDB-04ADR SGDB-04ADR Yaskawa Servo Amplifier (Z axis for CP643E and CP643ME)

SGDB-60AESY189 SGDB-60AESY189 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

DR2-02ACY66 EEAN1820 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

DR2-01ACY29 DR2-01ACY29 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

CACR-SR60FK13S EEAN-1510 Fuji CP Yaskawa C Axis Servo Amp

CACR-15FK1KSY4 EEAN-1731 Fuji CP-65E Yaskawa Servo Amp X Axis

CACR-15FK1KSY3 EEAN-1480 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

CACR-15FK1KSY2 EEAN-1470 Fuji CP-6E Yaskawa Servo Amp

CACR-SR15BC1KSY427 EEAN-1671 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

P321-1-C P321-1-C101014 Panasonic Panadac-321 Motor Driver

Panadac-337J P337J Panadac 337J Motor Driver

SGDS-01A01ARY501 EEAN-2870 Yaskawa Servopack SGDS-01A01ARY501

DR2-A5AC-NY41 EEAN-1830 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

CACR-SR15BC1AFY276 SAA-1140 Fuji CP-4 C Axis Servo Amplifier

CACR-HR01BAB12Y50 SAA-1260 Yaskawa Servopack Amplifier

DR2-08ADY135 EEAN-2130 Yaskawa Electric Servo Amplifier

DR1B-02AC SAA-1340 Yaskawa Electric Servo Amplifier

CACR-SRA5AD1KRY111 SAA-1030 Yaskawa ServoPack

CACR-SR60BE13SY88 SAA-1321 Yaskawa Electric Servo Amplifier

800-353 46553301 Copley Controls Corp. Servo Amplifier

114025 114025 EURO-AMP Servo Driver

SGDM-60ADAY3 EEAN-2450 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

CACR-SR60BB1CSY415 EEAN-1720 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier




SGDM-02ADA-RY3 EEAN-2410 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

SGDM-A5ADA-RY3 EEAN-2390 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

SGDH-04AE-N2-RY49 EEAN-2230 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

SGDH-A5AE-N1Y88 EEAN-2340 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

SGDH-20AE-N2-RY49 EEAN-2240 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

SGDH-04AE-N1Y88 EEAN-2350 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier


PDT-K02-0150 EEAN-3090 Sanyo Denki Servo Driver

NPSA-102MU-E10B NPSA-102MU-E10B Nikki Denso Actus Power Servo Amplifier

RBEB2B4XX-00 RBEB2B4XX-00 Sanyo Denki Robust I-F Unit

RBD2CT202 EEAN-3130 Sanyo Denki Servo Amplifier

NPSA-102MU-E9 NPSA-102MU-E9 Nikki Denso Actus Power Servo Amplifier

NPSA-102MU-E9CS-A NPSA-102MU-E9CS Nikkie Denso Actus Power Servo Amplifier

NPSA-103MU-E1BS NPSA-103MU-E1BS Nikki Denso Actus Power Servo Amplifier

DR2-02AC-NY41 EEAN-1750 Yaskawa Servopack Servo Amplifier

DR2-08AC-NY41 EEAN-1770 Yaskawa Servopack Servo Amplifier

SGDB-60ADSY44 EEAN-1850 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

CACR-44-FK1CSY1A EEAN-1910 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

DR2-02ACY65 EEAN-1810 Yaskawa Electric Servo Amplifier

DR2-01ACY64 EEAN-1790 Fuji CP-6 FQ FRQ Axis Servo Amplifier

DR2-04ACY9 EEAN-1580 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

SGDB-20VD-RY20 EEAN-1860 Yaskawa Electric Servo Amplifier

CACR-60-FK13S EEAN-1510 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

CACR-SR44BC1CSY414 SAA-1370 Fuji CP-6 Yaskawa Servopack Amplifier D Axis

DR1B-01AC SAA-1350 Yaskawa Servo Amplifier

CACR-SR15BC1KSY392 SAA-1330 Yaskawa Electric Servo Amplifier

CACR-SR60BE13SY112 SAA-1320 Yaskawa Electric Servo Amplifier

DR2-08ADY135 EEAN-2130 Yaskawa Servopack

DR1-04AA A1062H Yaskawa Servopack

CMPC-CM34C-4 CMPC-CM34C Yaskawa Motionpack-34 Amplifier

CMPF-PM33FEY1 CMPF-PM33 Yaskawa Motionpack 33 Controller

PDT-J01-100 PDT-J01-100 Sanyo Denki Servo Driver

PDT-A02-251 PDT-A02-251 Sanyo Denki Servo Driver

CACR-SRA5AD1KR SAA-1030 Yaskawa Servopack 200V

DR2-A5ADY137 EEAN-2180 Yaskawa Servopack

CACR-SR05AD1KRY101 SAA-1050 Yaskawa Electric Servopack Amplifier

NPSA-20-54 NPSA-20-54 Nikki Denso Actus Power Servo Amplifier

CACR-SR02AD1FR CACR-SR02AD1FRY111 Yaskawa Electric ServoPack Amplifier

CACR-SR03AD1KRY110 SAA-1020 Fuji Yaskawa Electric Servo Pack Amplifier

NPSA-2.5NN-60-E1 SAA-0180 Nikki Denso Actus Power Servo Amplifier

NPSA-102MU-GL2 NPSA-102MU-GL2 Nikki Denso Actus Power Servo Amplifier

PDT-A01-15 PDT-A01-15 Sanyo Denki Servo Amplifier

PDT-J01-102CE PDT-J01-102CE Sanyo Denki Servo Amplifier

PDT-J01-101 PDT-J01-101 Sanyo Denki Servo Amplifier

PDT-J01-102 SAA-3020 Sanyo Denki Servo Amplifier

PDT-A02-252 PDT-A02-252 Sanyo Denki Servo Amplifier

DR1-A3BC SAA-1240 Yaskawa Electric ServoPack Amplifier

DR1-04ACY9 SAA-1220 Yaskawa Electric ServoPack Amplifier

DR1-01BC SAA-1230 Yaskawa Electric ServoPack Amplifier

DR1-08ACY9 SAA-1210 Yaskawa Electric ServoPack Amplifier

CACR-SR05BC1ES-Y278 SAA-1170 Yaskawa Fuji CP-4 Y Axis Servo Amp

CACR-SR10BC1ESY262 SAA-1160 Fuji CP-4 X Axis Servo Pack Amplifier

CACR-SR03BC1KS-Y264 SAA-1110 Yaskawa Electric ServoPack Amplifier

CACR-SR30BC1AFY244 SAA-1100 Yaskawa Electric ServoPack

CACR-SR01AC1ERY102 SAA-1180 Yaskawa Electric ServoPack Amplifier

CACR-HR03BAB12Y50 SAA-1270 Yaskawa Electric Servo Pack Amplifier

CACR-SR15BC1KSY396 SAA-1360 Yaskawa Electric ServoPack Amplifier

PFB-10 PFB-10 Nikki Denso Actus Power Servo Amp

NPSA-2.5-64 NPSA-2.5-64 Nikki Denso Actus Power Servo Amp

NPSA-10-64 NPSA-10-64 Nikki Denso Actus Power Servo Amp

PUB-33A-X1B PUB-33A-X1B Nikki Denso Actus Power Servo Amp

NPSA-20NN-50-E8 NPSA-20NN-50-E8 Nikki Denso Actus Power Servo Amp

NPSA-2.5NN-60-F1 NPSA-2.5NN-60-F1 Nikki Denso Actus Power Servo Amp

NPSA-2.5NN-40-E3 NPSA-2.5NN-40-E3 Nikki Denso Actus Power Servo Amp

CACR-SR44BC1CSY349 SAA-1250 Yaskawa Electric ServoPack

NPSA-103MU-E1CS NPSA-103MU-E1CS Nikki Denso Actus Power Servo Amp

NPSA-102MU- NPSA-102MU- Nikki Denso Actus Power Servo Amp

NPSA-102MU-E9BS NPSA-102MU-E9BS Nikki Denso Actus Power Servo Amp

NPSA-102MU-E10BSF NPSA-102MU-E10BSF Nikki Denso Actus Power Servo Amp

NPSA-103MU-E4CS-A NPSA-103MU-E4CS Nikki Denso Actus Power Servo Amp

NPSA-104MU-IP1 SAA-0100 Nikki Denso Actus Power Servo Amp