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2SGKHA0000100 V12 SMT Pick And Placing Head W/O CHUCK For FUJI AIM Chip Mounter

China Ping You Industrial Co.,Ltd certification
China Ping You Industrial Co.,Ltd certification
We just receive the machine and it is with nice packing ! It's really be worth this price .

—— Andrew Lodge

Machine works well, Alex is the best salesman i ever met,thx for your support.

—— Mareks Asars

The JUKI feeders arrived yesterday and we inspected them through our Goods Receiving process. Our inspector was very excited and called me to see them

—— Adrian Short

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2SGKHA0000100 V12 SMT Pick And Placing Head W/O CHUCK For FUJI AIM Chip Mounter

2SGKHA0000100 V12 SMT Pick And Placing Head W/O CHUCK For FUJI AIM Chip Mounter
2SGKHA0000100 V12 SMT Pick And Placing Head W/O CHUCK For FUJI AIM Chip Mounter

Large Image :  2SGKHA0000100 V12 SMT Pick And Placing Head W/O CHUCK For FUJI AIM Chip Mounter

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Japan
Brand Name: FUJI
Certification: ISO
Model Number: FUJI NXT V12 Head
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
Price: USD 1-100
Packaging Details: Box
Delivery Time: 1 day
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: Long-term supply
Detailed Product Description
Machine Model: 2SGKHA0000100 Parts Name: Smt Placing Head
Condition: Original New Material: Stainless Steel
Function: FUJI AIM SMD Pick And Place Mounter System Brand: FUJI
Power Supply: 24V Warranty: 1 Year
High Light:

machinery spare parts


equipment spare parts

SMT Pick And Placing Head 2SGKHA0000100 V12 HEAD W/O CHUCK For FUJI AIM Chip Mounter

FUJI NXT Placing Head H04SF 2UGKHE000112 2UGKHE00100

FUJI NXT Placing Head V12 UH03338 UH03300 UH03302 UH03377

FUJI NXT H12S Placing Head UH01527 UH01500 UH01523

SMT FUJI NXT H01 PICK AND Placing head UH00667


SMT FUJI NXTIII H02/H02F pick and placing head UH02622

P/N: H02/H02F head UH02622 P/N: with backup pin AA71A05

SMT FUJI NXTII V12 Pick and placing head UH03346


SMT Fuji NXT H12HS Pick and placing head UH03033

H12HS Pick and placing head P/N: UH03033


FU-2AGKNX003900 NOZZLE Head H24 ø2.5 NXT, R047-025-035

FU-2AGKNX001400 NOZZLE Head H24 ø2.5G NXT, with Rubber Pad, R047-025G-035

FU-2AGKNX004200 NOZZLE Head H24 ø2.5 Melf NXT, R047-025M-035

FU-AA1CB00 NOZZLE OF Head ø1.0, R26-010-280

FU-AA1CC00 NOZZLE OF Head ø1.3, R26-013-280

FU-AA1CD00 NOZZLE OF Head ø1.8, R26-018-280

FU-AA1CE00 NOZZLE OF Head ø2.5, R26-025-280

FU-AA1CN00 NOZZLE OF Head ø2.5 with Rubber Pad, R26-025G-280

FU-AA1CF00 NOZZLE OF Head ø3.7, R-26-037-280

FU-AA1CR00 NOZZLE OF Head ø3.7 with Rubber Pad, R26-037G-280

FU-AA1CG00 NOZZLE OF Head ø5.0, , R26-050-280

FU-AA1CS00 NOZZLE OF Head ø5.0 with Rubber Pad, R26-050G-280

FU-AA1CH00 NOZZLE OF Head ø7.0, R26-070-280

FU-AA1CT00 NOZZLE OF Head ø7.0 with Rubber Pad, R26-070G-280

FU-AA1CK00 NOZZLE OF Head ø10.0, R26-100-280

FU-AA1CW00 NOZZLE OF Head ø10.0 with Rubber Pad, R26-100G-280

FU-AA1CL00 NOZZLE OF Head ø15.0, R26-150-280

FU-AA1CX00 NOZZLE OF Head ø15.0 with Rubber Pad, R26-150G-280

FU-AA1CM00 NOZZLE OF Head ø20.0, R26-200-280

FU-AA1CY00 NOZZLE OF Head ø20.0 with Rubber Pad, R26-200G-280

FU-2AGKNL018700 DX Nozzle S1 ø1.3M Melf, DX-S1, LS4, R28-013M-365-F

FU-2AGKNL018800 DX Nozzle S1 ø1.8M Melf, DX-S1, LS5, R28-018M-365-F

FU-2AGKNL018900 DX Nozzle S1 ø2.5M Melf, DX-S1, LS6, R28-025M-365-F

FU-2AGKNL018000 DX Nozzle S1 ø2.5G with Rubber Pad, DX-S1, LP6, R28-025G-365-F

FU-2AGKNL018100 DX Nozzle S1 ø3.7G with Rubber Pad, DX-S1, LP7, R28-037G-365-F

FU-2AGKNL018200 DX Nozzle S1 ø3.7G with Rubber Pad, DX-S1, LP7, R28-037G-365-F

FU-2AGKNL018300 DX Nozzle S1 ø7.0G with Rubber Pad, DX-S1, LP9, R28-070G-365-F

FU-2AGKNL018400 DX Nozzle S1 ø10.0G with Rubber Pad, DX-S1, LP0, R28-100G-365-F

FU-2AGKNL018500 DX Nozzle S1 ø15.0G with Rubber Pad, DX-S1, LR1, R28-150G-365-F

FU-2AGKNL018600 DX Nozzle S1 ø20.0G with Rubber Pad, DX-S1, LR2, R28-200G-365-F

FU-2AGKNM000200 DX Nozzle R4 ø1.0, R19-010-095

FU-2AGKNM000300 DX Nozzle R4 ø1.3, R19-013-095

FU-2AGKNM001700 DX Nozzle R4 1.3M Melf, YH4, R19-013M-095

FU-2AGKNM000400 DX Nozzle R4 ø1.8, R19-018-095

FU-2AGKNM001800 DX Nozzle R4 1.8M Melf, YH5, R19-018M-095

FU-2AGKNM000500 Nozzle R4 ø2.5, R19-025-095

FU-2AGKNM001900 DX Nozzle R4 2.5M Melf, YH6, R19-025M-095

FU-2AGKNM001100 DX Nozzle R4 ø2.5G with rubber pad, YE6, R19-025G-095

FU-2AGKNM000600 DX Nozzle R4 ø3.7, R19-037-095

FU-2AGKNM001200 DX Nozzle R4 ø3.7G with rubber pad, YE7, R19-037G-095

FU-2AGKNM000700 DX Nozzle R4 ø5.0, R19-050-095

FU-2AGKNM001300 DX Nozzle R4 ø5.0G with rubber pad, YE8, R19-050G-095

FU-2AGKNM000800 DX Nozzle R4 ø7.0, R19-070-095

FU-2AGKNM001400 DX Nozzle R4 ø7.0G with rubber pad, YE9, R19-070G-095

FU-2AGKNM000900 DX Nozzle R4 ø10.0, R19-100-095

FU-2AGKNM001500 DX Nozzle R4 ø10.0G with rubber pad, YF0, R19-100G-095

FU-AMPH8710 Nozzle assy fluorescent 0.7

FU-AMPH8720 Nozzle assy fluorescent 1.0

FU-AMPH8730 Nozzle assy fluorescent 1.3

FU-AMPH8740 Nozzle assy fluorescent 1.8

FU-AMPH8750 Nozzle assy fluorescent 2.5 M

FU-AMPH8760 Nozzle assy fluorescent 2.5 L

FU-AMPH8770 Nozzle assy fluorescent 3.7 L

FU-AMPH8780 Nozzle assy fluorescent 5.0 L

FU-AWPH9510 Nozzle assy FL SS 0.7 R12-007

FU-AWPH9520 Nozzle assy FL S 1.0 R12-010

FU-AWPH9530 Nozzle assy FL M 1.3 R12-013

FU-AWPH9540 Nozzle assy FL M 1.3 M12-013 MELF

FU-AWPH9550 Nozzle assy FL M 1.8 R12-018

FU-AWPH9560 Nozzle assy FL L 2.5 R16-025

FU-AWPH9570 Nozzle assy FL L 3.7 R16-037

FU-AWPH9580 Nozzle assy FL L 2.5 R20-025

FU-AWPH9590 Nozzle assy FL 2.5 M20-025 MELF

FU-AWPH9600 Nozzle assy FL L 2.5 R16-025

FU-AWPH9610 Nozzle assy FL 5.0 S20-050 FLUOR.

FU-AWPH9660 Nozzle assy FL 5.0 S22-050 FLUOR.

FU-AWPH9670 Nozzle assy BLACK 5.0 B22-050

FU-AWPH9680 Nozzle assy FL 7.0 S22-070 FLUOR.

FU-AWPH9690 Nozzle assy black 7.0 B22-070

FU-AWPH9700 Nozzle assy FL SS 0.4 R12-004 (L=6.5)

FU-UF09900 W08C Feeder NXT II

FU-UF10200 W12C Feeder

FU-UF10400 W16C Feeder

FU-2UDLFA001200 W08F Feeder


FU-2UDLFB001300 W16F

FU-2UDLFB001400 W24F

FU-UF10600 W24C Feeder NXT II + III

FU-UF10800 W32C Feeder

FU-UF11000 W44C Feeder

FU-UF11200 W56C Feeder

FU-UF05200 W72 Feeder

FU-UF05300 W88 Feeder

FU-XH00560 Filter XT/H01 (ø5x12.4mm)

FU-XH00940 Filter NXT/H01 (ø4x8.3mm)

FU-XH00400 Filter NXT/H04+H08 (6.0mm)

FU-AA0AL00 Filter assy NXT/Head H04+H08

FU-XH00800 Filter NXT/H12+V12 (4.5mm)

FU-AA19H02 Filter assy NXT/Head H12+H12S

FU-2MGTHA067900 Filter NXT Head H24

4 500 AD-SPL-D-4-500FS 4 mm FUJI Double Splice Tape, silver

8 500 AD-SPL-D-8-500FS 8 mm FUJI Double Splice Tape, silver

12 500 AD-SPL-D-12-500FS 12 mm FUJI Double Splice Tape, silver

16 500 AD-SPL-D-16-500FS 16 mm FUJI Double Splice Tape, silver

24 250 AD-SPL-D-24-250FS 24 mm FUJI Double Splice Tape, silver

FU-H5116A Rust Inhibitor Biral Spray T&D (500ml)

FU-K3035K Grease NS7 (80g Tube)

FU-K3035Z Grease AFB-Grease (70g)

FU-K3036C Grease AFC-Grease for MG-70 (70g)

FU-H1021E Battery ER6-VC4

FU-AHRG011312 Needle single (special) ø1.3mm/0.9mm/G 1.2mm

FU-AHRG0670 Needle twin ø0.4mm/SS 0.5mm/G 0.1mm

FU-AHRG0690 Needle single ø0.5mm/SS 0.5mm/G 0.2mm

FU-AHRG0700 Needle single ø0.6mm/SS 0.5mm/G 0.3mm

FU-AHRG0850 Needle twin ø0.4mm/TS 1.3mm/G 0.1mm

FU-AHRG1320 Needle twin ø0.5mm/TS 1.3mm/G 0.1mm

FU-AHRG1330 Needle single ø0.6mm/SS 0.7mm/G 0.3mm

FU-AHRG1350 Needle single ø0.7mm/SS 0.7mm/G 0.4mm

FU-AJRG0830 Needle twin ø0.3mm/SS 1.0mm/G 0.1mm

FU-AA8LW00 Nozzle Head H08M ø1.8 NXT, R19-018-155-M

FU-AA8MR00 Nozzle Head H08M ø1.8 Melf NXT, R19-018M-155-M

FU-AA8LX00 Nozzle Head H08M ø2.5 NXT, R19-025-155-M

FU-AA8ME00 Nozzle Head H08M ø2.5G NXT with Rubber Pad, R19-025G-155-M

FU-AA8MS00 Nozzle Head H08M ø2.5 Melf NXT, R19-025M-155-M

FU-AA8LY00 Nozzle Head H08M ø3.7 NXT, R19-037-155-M

FU-AA8MF00 Nozzle Head H08M ø3.7G NXT with Rubber Pad, R19-037G-155-M

FU-AA8LZ00 Nozzle Head H08M ø5.0 NXT, R19-050-155-M

FU-AA8MG00 Nozzle Head H08M ø5.0G NXT with Rubber Pad, R19-050G-155-M

FU-AA8MA00 Nozzle Head H08M ø7.0 NXT, R19-070-155-M

FU-AA8MH00 Nozzle Head H08M ø7.0G NXT with Rubber Pad, R19-070G-155-M

FU-AA8MB00 Nozzle Head H08M ø10.0 NXT, R19-100-155-M

FU-AA8MK00 Nozzle Head H08M ø10.0G NXT with Rubber Pad, R19-100G-155-M

FU-AA8MC00 Nozzle Head H08M ø15.0 NXT, R19-150-155-M

FU-AA8ML00 Nozzle Head H08M ø15.0G NXT with Rubber Pad, R19-150G-155-M

FU-AA8MD00 Nozzle Head H08M ø20.0 NXT, R19-200-155-M

FU-AA8MM00 Nozzle Head H08M ø20.0G NXT with Rubber Pad, R19-200G-155-M

FU-2AGKNX005100 NOZZLE Head H24 ø0.2 NXT, R047-002-035

FU-2AGKNX005200 NOZZLE Head H24 ø0.3 NXT, R047-003-035

FU-2AGKNX005300 NOZZLE Head H24 ø0.35 NXT

FU-2AGKNX005400 NOZZLE Head H24 ø0.4 NXT, R047-004-035

FU-2AGKNX005500 NOZZLE Head H24 ø0.5 NXT, R047-005-035

FU-2AGKNX007500 NOZZLE Head H24 ø0.6 NXT wide range S, R047-006WRS-035

FU-2AGKNX003100 NOZZLE Head H24 ø0.7 NXT, R047-007-035

FU-2AGKNX006300 NOZZLE Head H24 ø0.8 NXT, R047-008-035

FU-2AGKNX003500 NOZZLE Head H24 ø1.0 NXT, R047-010-035

FU-2AGKNX007600 NOZZLE Head H24 ø1.1 NXT wide range M, R047-011WRM-035

FU-2AGKNX001700 NOZZLE Head H24 ø1.3 NXT, R047-013-035

FU-2AGKNX004000 NOZZLE Head H24 ø1.3 Melf NXT, R047-013M-035

FU-2AGKNX003700 NOZZLE Head H24 ø1.8 NXT, R047-018-035

FU-2AGKNX004100 NOZZLE Head H24 ø1.8 Melf NXT, R047-018M-035

FU-2AGKNX007700 NOZZLE Head H24 ø1.8 NXT wide range L, R047-018WRL-035

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